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Branding Collection

A strong fashion collection should include the following: 1) Signature style A good, commercially successful collection is one that tells a story through production. All the pieces are easy to trade. One of the main things that a good collection should have is the signature style. It can evolve, must be constant and recognizable [...]

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Creativity in Fashion

Creativity in fashion and design starts with an increase in quality, the need to increase value for money, to achieve brand recognition and individuality. Creativity is the art of fashion and design is based on the design of new fashion products. Furthermore, creativity in the fashion industry today needs to satisfy the 21st-century mentality. [...]

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Fashion and Style

Fashion & style both are essential for everyone. As we all know, Good fashion sense increases people's confidence and courage. It makes you different from the crowd and other people. If you dress well, you will impress others and make an impression on others. It determines a person’s overall personality and lifestyle. But the [...]

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Package Design

An interesting and convenient product packaging design attracts customers most of all. The ideal custom packaging design message should inform the customer and bring them back to their brand. Therefore, it becomes an important part of making the marketing and sales of a product safe. Modern and creative packaging is not only effective in [...]

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Start A Career in Fashion

START A CAREER IN FASHION It is important to determine the specific area of ​​fashion that interests you. Fashion jobs include everything: photography, style, merchandising, buying, and designing. Go into an area and go from there. You need to increase the experience by focusing on the area you are interested in. Get work experience: [...]

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Fashion designer’s influence

Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social factors and varies according to time and price. The creators of new shoes, clothing, and accessories, defined the new fashion designs. Fashion designers guide the process from beginning to production. Modern fashion design is divided into two basic categories: High fashion designing and Ready-to-wear. The hot [...]

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