It is important to determine the specific area of ​​fashion that interests you. Fashion jobs include everything: photography, style, merchandising, buying, and designing. Go into an area and go from there. You need to increase the experience by focusing on the area you are interested in.

Get work experience:

Getting an internship in fashion is not very difficult. But an example must clear the importance of experience. For example, if you work on a store floor, do not view it as “just” retail. Use it to improve your experience. Awareness of customer service, supply, and demand. There is a very large list. If you can only get a retail experience, ask them if you can try a new window display and combination.
When contacting companies, you should stay active. Send your CV to the fashion companies and brands you want to work for. The straightforward is good. Ring them, schedule an appointment, and try to meet someone. It is better to present yourself in person than to just send emails.

There is no wrong time to start a fashion brand:

If you plan to design clothes, learning about your business is very important. If you are adamant about making your clothes and are immersed in design skills then you should do a full degree in fashion design. Fashion designer Phoenix Keating says knowledge is power in the fashion industry. More technology, style, and history you can get out of your mind. There is no right or wrong time to launch your business. Some peoples start a business early while some peoples first gain some experience than launching a brand. There is no right or wrong way but it must be adhered to.

Visibility is paramount:

Enthusiasm and perseverance are important in fashion. If you haven’t been a fashion buyer for six months since university, it will take time for you to want to do it. Take a closer look at each experience. If you are rejected from an application, ask for feedback, and adjust next time. It’s a competitive industry so you have to adopt a wide variety of approaches to achieve the place you want to go to. Every bit of experience is valuable along the way. Do your research and talk to people. Whether it determines the BA or MA course or where to intern, ask about the experiences of others to create more specific and realistic goals for you.

Be inspired and keep going:

It takes time before you find yourself in your job. Each experience makes you closer to your final point. The key to being motivated is great ambition and a lot of willpower. If you have problems and do not be in a hurry to see the results immediately, do not be discouraged. What do you want to strengthen? It can help you with the inevitable failures you have, but mainly it closes your vision because your path is closed and unpredictable. Do not give up or reject the first challenge, keep going, and remind yourself why you chose. Your skills may not be suitable for everyone, but the right opportunity is welcome.

Be kind:

The people you work with are very important. so be kind to them. You have to be a team player and be able to work under your own steam. It requires enthusiasm, perseverance, and energy. You have to be unorganized even for a professional. Most importantly, always be polite, this is a smaller industry than you think, and you will often be bombarded with the same kind of people.